What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics packages that allows you to track user behaviour on a website or app. It’s the most popular solution on the market in the world. In addition, to user behaviour, you can get detailed reports into where on your website people are converting into leads, sales and signups which makes it a very powerful tool.

What can you do with Google Analytics?

The limits are really endless to what you can do with Google Analytics. However, there are four main areas of analysis that you can pull insights from.

Audience analysis

Understand who your visitors are.


You can easily uncover the most popular age and gender of people who visit your website.


Find out where the people visiting your website are located from country-level right down to cities.

Device and Browsers

Identify whether people visit your site on a mobile vs desktop. And even drill down into the most popular device and browser people are using.

Acquisition analysis

Understand where your visitors come from.


You can see where people are coming to your website from. For example, Organic (Google), social media, email, referral or direct.


Define specific tracking parameters and you can measure campaigns right from the Analytics dashboard.


Google Analytics can natively integrate with Google Adwords and Search Console, so you can see how your campaigns are running and what keywords you rank for on Google.

Behaviour analysis

Understand what they are doing.

Content performance

One of the most insightful features of Google Analytics is measuring which content or landing pages are performing the best so you can replicate it.

Page load peed

See which pages on your website are slow and improve them.


Track meaningful interactions on your site, such as how far people scroll down a page or what links they click on and where.

Conversion analysis

Understand where and when they take action.


The most powerful feature of Google Analytics is seeing where people convert on your website.


Visualise the path visitors take on your website and identify the bottlenecks to improve conversions.


Track every interaction with your products, such as views, add to baskets and sales revenue.

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